Any queries or concerns? Odds are someone else has or has had the same ones. Below are our responses to some of the common questions that we’ve encountered from businesses and students.

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Q: What kinds of students find jobs through Ribit?

A: There is strong demand for students from engineering, IT, business and marketing disciplines. However, regardless of your degree, many companies are seeking translatable skill sets such as programming, research and analysis, planning and strategy, reporting, presentations, written communications etc.  

Q: I’m not in final year, can I still apply?

A: For sure! Your knowledge and experience doesn’t necessarily correlate with how your number of years at uni.

Q: Is Ribit suitable for undergrad or postgrad students?

A: Both! We’ve matched students from all different backgrounds to jobs.

Q: What kind of companies are advertising roles on Ribit?

A: Our focus is startups and small innovative companies across all different industries, which means that many (but not all) of our businesses represent organisations with fewer than 200 staff. 

For students, this means an opportunity to experience a vibrant and diverse workplace in which you’ll gain a deep, practical perspective on the different facets of running a company. However, we also cater to larger organisations that have career relevant jobs available to students.

Ribit represents companies from an extensive (and growing) industry list including finance, IT, research, publishing, engineering, travel, logistics and food. 

Q: As a student, how many roles can I apply for?

A: As many as you like. However, take the time to carefully read the description and think about how your skills, experience and background best match up with the company’s requirements.

Q: I’m an international student. Am I still able to apply for jobs and internships?

A: Most of our businesses have roles open to all students, regardless of whether you’ve travelled from down the road or crossed land and sea to attend uni. 

Please make sure you are aware of working conditions for student visa holders which include the following rules: 

  • A student visa holder cannot work until they have commenced their course in Australia.
  • Once their course has commenced, the student is permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when their course is in session, and unlimited hours when their course is not in session.
  • Excluded from this 40 hours per fortnight is any work that is undertaken as part of a course.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up and use ribit?

A: Ribit is totally FREE! We don’t charge students or businesses.

Q: What kinds of roles can I advertise on Ribit?

A: We encourage any business that is keen to tap into student talent. This means flexible jobs which can complement the students’ studies, as well as offer them practical experience in your industry.

Q: What types of industries does Ribit accept?

A: We have all different kinds of students so accept all different kinds of industries.

Q: Is there a limit to how many roles I can advertise?

A: Limit? What’s a limit? Seriously though, if your business has a need (or many needs), we encourage you to advertise as many positions as you require and can support.  

Q: As a business, what employment conditions should I consider? 

A: It is important to us that businesses are aware of the relevant workplace rules and regulations, particularly when it comes to paid versus unpaid workers. While we are unable to provide a single response that can be applied to every role and professional relationship, we’ve listed links to some Fair Work resources to help clarify expectations for both sides: