There are plenty of smart businesses seeking students and smart students seeking jobs.

Ribit aligns both sides by making it easy for students and businesses to promote their strengths and refine their requirements via clean, straightforward profiles. We help students locate jobs based on their skills, and businesses to identify students who can contribute to their success.

Access the latest career events

Find your next great networking opportunity via Ribit’s pitching and speed-dating sessions. We partner with innovative business hubs including Stone & Chalk to launch events which benefit both students (a single place to connect with multiple businesses) and companies (the opportunity to preview a large talent pool).

These sessions have generated a number of successful work placements. To be kept in the loop regarding about future dates, create a student or employer profile.

Students: put yourself out there

Develop killer experience before graduation by using your skills to take you places – now.

Answer some easy questions to create a profile which will connect you with forward thinking businesses that want to offer career relevant opportunities through holiday, part-time and one-off roles.

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Employers: try new talent through Ribit

Students, students all around but how to connect with them?

Promote your role through Ribit to discover local students equipped with the latest skills and lots of enthusiasm. We don’t subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to jobs and encourage you to consider a range of options which will best suit your company including single projects, internships and trials for longer term hires.

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Who we are

Ribit is part of Data61, a new entity created from a partnership between NICTA and CSIRO’s Digital Productivity Unit. With top data scientists, software engineers and researchers, Data61 is Australia’s largest data innovation group and has established partnerships with 41 Australian universities as well as extensive networks across State and Federal Governments.